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Wife, son of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi detained

In what could be seen as a big blow to the ISIS, one of the wives of Islamic State Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and her son, are said to have been detained by the Lebanese Army, reports said Tuesday.

According to a Lebanese newspaper As-Safir that cited Lebanese security officials, Baghdadi’s wife along with her son was caught while crossing from Syria – Lebanon’s war-torn neighbour – where the Islamic State has spread its roots deep and established a Caliphate.

The lady in question, whose identity has not been revealed, is being quizzed by security officials at the Lebanese Defense Ministry, the report added. She was reportedly detained few days ago but the officials kept it a “secret” so far.

As-Safir report described the Lebanese Army’s achievement as a ‘big fish’ catch that would deal a severe “blow to the ISIS”.

The report of Baghdadi’s wife’s being detained comes almost a month after the ISIS had denied claims about its Caliph being injured in a US air strike.

With its neighbour trapped in the jaws of the barbaric Islamic State extremism, Lebanon has been extremely cautious to keep the ISIS at bay by stepping up the vigilance at border crossings with Syria.

Lebanon has also managed to arrest many IS suspects waiting in the wings to launch attacks across the Syrian border and expanding the Caliphate.

Some 20 Lebanese Army soldiers are being held hostage by the ISIS and al-Nusra front.

The Islamic State in June overran huge swathe of territories in Iraq and Syria and established what they called as an Islamic Caliphate across the occupied areas.

The US is leading an anti-IS coalition that comprises dozens of countries including 10 Arab States whose warplanes continue to pummel the extremists’ positions in Iraq and Syria to check their advance.

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