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Will Congress surrender itself ?

It is not that the Congress Party surrendered all of a sudden without even trying for a win. After the Anna and Kejriwal Movement against corruption, the Congress was looking shaky, but got consoled when Arvind Kejriwal formed his own party. The Congress leaders were hoping that the anti-incumbency factor against the Congress will be minimised due to the Kejriwal factor and that AAP will be able to divide the urban middle class vote share to the advantage of the Congress party.

The gamble played by Kejriwal after his 49 days Government in Delhi, however, did not materialise and the Congress party Chief Sonia Gandhi herself had to step in to take the lead by declaring that if Modi becomes PM, the nation will be divided. The statement coming from the Congress party chief at this last time of election is nothing but a clear act of accepting that the party has really run out of the real issues of governance and development and is banking heavily on adding the communalism factor to the elections otherwise being fought on development agenda.
None of the ‘so called’ big leaders from the party is campaigning, except mother son duo. Candidates in their constituency are trying their level best but senior leaders are not helping them. In Maharashtra also it is seems that only CM Prithviraj Chavan is doing ‘jee tod Mehnat’ and all others are in their baston to save it.

Earlier also Mrs. Gandhi met Shahi Imam Bukhari and ensured that he appealed to the Muslim community to vote for the Congress party. Fortunately, Muslim community also understands that, this is all politics.

Thirteen million Youth Congress workers who were part of the Rahul Gandhi’s young army, are found missing and majority of them have already migrated towards AAP or BJP during the last 2 years. Unlike previous elections when Youth Congress members would be unmistakably present at public meetings with organisational flags, running separate enclosures, taking out their own rallies, their presence and enthusiasm is missing this election.
Why is this happening, no one knows. Surrendering will not solve the problem. Concrete action should be taken to fight again. Surveys are taken only in urban areas, but more than seventy per cent of Indians are residing in villages. Still they rely on Congress.

There is one interesting story from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. Some BJP leaders were searching for a venue in a local college to hold the election rally. When BJP leaders interacted with the college students and told them the purpose of their visit, the students clearly told them that this venue will not be able to accommodate the huge crowd of Narendra Modi.

College students, who were affiliated to various political parties, were all ready to support Modi, irrespective of their political affiliations. Several of them clearly told- “Of course, we represent different political ideologies even in our College Union elections, but on the issue of supporting Modi, we stand united.”

However, I was seeing Rahul Gandhi’s rally which was held in Kanpur on news channel. A famous news anchor was asking the audiences who were there pre-rally about the Congress Party. The aged were also present to hear Rahul Gandhi. Today also there are many who are loyal to Congress Party. Let’s see what will happen on May 16.

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