Will Magathane voters re-elect Darekar?

He faces stiff competition from Shiv Sena candidate Prakash Surve.

Know-your-neta-10-10-2014Pravin Darekar MNS sitting MLA, Hemendra Mehta BJP, Sachin Sawant Congress and Prakash Surve, Shiv Sena are the prominent candidates who are contesting the assembly election from Magathane constituency. Three candidates Darekar, Surve and Sawant are flaunting their Konkan connections. The area has a sizeable chunk of Marathi voters belonging to Konkan region. Hence candidates are trying their best to woo Marathi voters. Pravin Darekar has undertaken some development activities in the constituency. Residents of Magathane are not happy with the performance of the leaders representing their constituencies. According to them, Pravin Darekar had done some work but he could have done a better job. AV spoke to some residents of the constituencies to know about their opinion about the candidates who are contesting assembly polls. Here is what they had to say.

Santosh-YadavSantosh Yadav a hawker said, “Pravin Darekar has undertaken some developmental work but I can’t say who will emerge victorious as anything is possible. The Congress was in power for many years and now BJP is ruling.”

Karmesh-Chand-PandeyKarmeshchand Pandey, a shop owner said, “Some candidates meet us after the conclusion of election. Pravin Darekar had constructed a garden and toilet for us. I know all candidates but Prakash Surve is a strong candidate and he will give stiff competition to Pravin Darekar. According to me, BJP will win the assembly election and Uddhav Thackeray has committed a big mistake of his life by breaking the alliance with BJP.”

Ganesh-AmbreyGanesh Ambre, a resident of Magathane said, “Pravin Darekar had built a garden. Prakash Surve is likely to give stiff competition to Pravin Darekar. I think Shiv Sena will win the election.”

Omprakash-DubeyOm Prakash Dubey a shop owner said, “Pravin Darekar won’t win as he has failed to work for the welfare of shopkeepers. Prakash Surve is the most popular candidate but I doubt whether he will work for the welfare of common man. I think BJP will form government in Maharashtra. The party should not have broken alliance with Shiv Sena.”

KR-DubeyK.R Dubey a shop owner said, “I will support Shiv Sena and every party is offering Rs 400 per person for campaigning. I think Shiv Sena will win the election and the party will bag CM’s post.”

Badri-PandeyBadari Pandey a pan vendor said, “Candidates only approach us during election and after winning they don’t meet us. I think Hemendra Mehta will win this election.”

Sanjay-DusangeSanjay Dusange a pan vendor said, “According to me, a candidate who will resolve the problems faced by the common man should win this election. Pravin Darekar will not win as he has not performed any work. He never meets us and his office is close to my residence. Prakash Surve will give stiff competition to Pravin Darekar.”

Narayan Patel shop owner said, “Pravin Darekar had done several developmental works and he will emerge victorious.”

Yashwant-JainYashwant Jain, a jewellery shop owner said, “Pravin Darekar won’t win this time as he has not done any work. Prakash Survey and Hemendra Mehta are other strong candidates as they will give tough competition to Pravin Darekar. Surve will win this election.”

Suresh-LadSuresh Pamech, another jewellery shop owner said, “Pravin Darekar had developed roads and constructed library and the Modi wave has ended. Every commodity has become expensive. I think Shiv Sena will win election in Maharashtra.”

Ram-KisanRam Kisan said, “Pravin Darekar is performing a good campaigning work but he has not done anything. I think BJP will emerge victorious and CM’s post will be bagged by the party.”

Rohan-PawaskarRohan Pawaskar, a shop owner said, “Pravin Darekar and Bhaskar Khursange had done some developmental work.”

NandaNanda a house wife said, “I stay in chawl but no leader comes here. We have been undergoing several problems pertaining to sanitation which is yet to be resolved.”

By Maya Gohil