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Woman teacher uploads nude pics of over 20 kids in China

A lady teacher of a kindergarten in China took nude photos of over 20 boys and uploaded them on social media claiming that it was part of sexual education, sparking outrage among netizens.

The shocking incident happened in central China’s Henan province where a teacher surnamed Ma said that she took a series of nude photos in July and uploaded them to social media but insisted that she did this for a good reason, chinanews.Com reported.

Ma was quoted as saying that she was giving the boys sexual education and helping them to learn about life.

She had not taken permission from the parents of the boys for her initiative.

Ma said that she uploaded the pictures onto the internet simply because she felt the kids were cute. She sent the girls to another classroom when she took these pictures.

One of the photos uploaded online showed about 20 naked boys standing in rows with their hands covering their private parts.

Another picture showed boys lying on the ground in a heart shape, state-run Global Times reported.

Some parents, who stumbled across the pictures online, felt “very uncomfortable” and few accused the teacher of being a pervert, the report said.

The incident triggered public discussion among netizens with some questioning the teacher’s motivation and others expressing their worries that someone could hurt the children in the name of education.

“What kind of education needs her to take nude photos? The teacher should be punished by law. And we really need to teach our kids to protect their privacy,” a net user commented.

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