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Would-be bride turns out to be a man, police launch probe

Kishore got the shock of his life when he learnt that who he perceived to be his prospective wife all this while, was actually a male.

The incident was reported from Jashpurnagar, a nagar palika in Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh.

A17-year-old Kishore started talking to who he thought was a girl after his friend provided him with ‘her’ number. In a few days, the relationship turned serious, so much so, that Kishore was even ready to marry this person who said his name was Neha Panna.

Neha reached Kishore’s house to meet him and stayed in his house for four days during the course of which he met Kishore’s family members, but with his face covered all the time. Later, he refused to leave and requested Kishore to keep him in his house.

Facing opposition from parents, Kishore rented a car and decided to drop Neha to his house but everytime he would gave wrong directions. Fed up of his behaviour, Kishore informed the police after which the ASI Arvind Mishra reached his house to investigate the matter.

During the course of investigation, 20-year-old Neha provided wrong address details even to police officials and on being taken to judicial custody, he tried to flee, but he was caught by Kishore’s family members.

It was only after this that it was revealed that Neha was not a female, she was a male who dressed like girls.

“We are investigating the matter to know his real intention behind trying to entice Kishore and get into a relationship with him forcibly,” ASI said.

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