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You will always be remembered, Sir

February, 12th was the saddest day for more than 25 batches of former students or alumnus of Mother Teressa High School, Malwani and St. Teresa High School, Orlem at Malad as they lost their fatherly figure former principal Mr. Aamir Khan. His soul departed for heavenly abode, leaving us in sorrow. I’m one of the alumni of this educational institution.

On Wednesday, I received a call from one of my colleague on my mobile phone from the office. He too is an alumni of the same school, and said, “Sir, kuch suna.” I thought he might be talking about some news, I replied “No, what happened.” He said, “Sir, Aamir Khan Sir guzar gaye.” (Aamir Khan Sir passed away). This news arrived as a shock to me. I asked inquired with him about this matter and asked him to obtain information about the time of funeral and inform me with accordingly. As a responsible colleague, he informed about the timing of principal’s final rites.

Aamir-Khan-SirI find myself lucky in comparison with other aluminis, because most of them were unaware about this sad news or some of them couldn’t attend the funeral as they have relocated to other cities or country. I had the opportunity to attend the last procession of my ideal teacher. He was an excellent Principal, and I would like to share some of my thoughts and experiences from my school days under him as my former Master and life Coach.

He was a good administrator. He was disciplined and wanted his students should emulate him. Other students who criticized him termed school as ‘Military Academy’ but today they are also praising him as they are applying those rules and regulation in their day to day lives.

He treated the students and the staff as part of his family. Whenever we required him, he was available at the office or his residence to interact with us. He was indeed the Guardian Angel for Mother Teresa High School. He might have started a school somewhere in posh area of this maximum city and increased his bank balance. But he has chosen two slum areas of Malad to teach poor slum dwellers, with affordable fees. He was a hard worker and grown up in the same area. I remember, when I had taken admission in the school we use to study in small rooms inside a slum. The government offered a 49th plot in Malwani to him due to his hard work and willingness to work for the poor. The plot was reserved for school premises. Sir, was alloted this plot with the assistance of then MLA of the area Chandrakant Gosalia so the plot was named as 49, Gosalia Compound. Though, he handed over the administrative powers to his son Riyaz Khan due to health reason some years ago but he always visits the school for inspection. As other principals, he also encouraged us to participate in sports activities besides studies. For this, he introduced his youth and freshly graduate nephew Nazir to encourage students in sports events.

I have always wondered how he could have remembered each and every one of us even though everyone left the school 14 years ago. But my personal opinion is that he was not only a Principal but also a father figure who could recollect the name of each and every individual as he cared for us. Though, we passed out and are busy in our daily lives and living in the world with his blessings but nobody dared to face him during his lifetime. Students were not afraid of but they had immense respect for him.

I heard from one of the junior, who was my cousin sister that Principal took keen interest in the new projects and further expansion of school. He was overseeing many other projects like expansions of the school, starting college, constructing new buildings including the staff room, developing drinking water systems and upgrading the Computer Lab. This was his long time dream.

We should remember our Alma mater and in return should contribute to the development of our school in all possible ways. He is a Legend who lived according to the true school motto, the Light shineth in Darkness. “He spread his Wings around the school and protected us. This is my tribute to my beloved principal and may his soul rest in peace.”

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