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100 new airports – BJP’s new announcement after smart cities

Narendra Modi 100 Airport Jumla,Narendra modi, 100 airports, jumla, airports, 100 smart cities, smart cities, prime minister, bharatiya janata party, bjp manifesto , manisfesto 2019After 100 Smart city jumla, Narendra Modi government has promised to build 100 new airports. The government is planning to start 100 new airports within next five years, which seems not possible. As per reports, Modi government has taken this initiative in order to boost economic growth. Under this scheme 1000 new air-routes would be opened to connect small cities and villages.

It is worth mentioning that with pomp and show, the smart city project of Rs 98,000 crore was launched in March 2015. The BJP had promised to create 100 smart cities in its manifesto for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But even after five years, no city in the country could become smart. The dream project of PM Modi could not be completed anywhere. Most of metropolitan cities are in chaos because the works undertaken for smart city project is not completed.

Now they are going to start new ambitious project of 100 airports. The central government will invest Rs 71 lakh crore to build 100 new airports. These new airports are expected to start operations by 2024. The timing of its completion concurs with the Lok Sabha elections of 2024. This indicates that the government has set its agenda for the next general elections. Practically, new airports cannot be built within five years. Therefore, the ruling BJP and its leaders will go to common people and ask for one more term to complete them. Thus, it has become the strategy of the BJP to make promises and seek time to fulfil them.

Actually, for accelerating economic growth the government is planning to increase number of infrastructure projects in the next 5 years. The Modi government has set the target of making India a 5 trillion dollar economy. So, PM Modi wants to double the number of infrastructure projects to boost the economy.

Recently, a meeting was held in New Delhi in this regard.In this meeting, it was decided to train 600 pilots every year to fulfill the demand.  It was proposed to double the number of aircraft fleet in the country to 1200 in 5 years. As per sources, during the discussion, information was also sought on steps to start an aircraft financing business in India.

It is remarkable that during first tenure of PM Modi, 38 airports have been added to the aviation map of the country.  63 airports will be added in future and contracts have been signed for this. Modi government started UDAN scheme for small cities in the country.

“There is nothing to see about the previously announced smart cities but despite slowdown the airline industry is growing. The government had opened one airport in northeast at a very difficult terrain. This could be one step for the government to increase air traffic. Another challenge for the government is to open 100 airports in the smaller states. There were number of schemes announced by the government that did not take off well.”

– Ashutosh 
Senior Journalist


 “It is not right to say that the smart city project did not succeed. Smart city project was announced and cities were selected. In Maharashtra, Pune and Sholapur were chosen. Funding was made and work got started. The respective corporation must set up special purpose channel. The initial funding will be made by the central government. In India civil aviation network is very poor. He laughs and says, “In last 70 years we hardly constructed any airport. Majority of airports were constructed in British era. We have already started construction of Navi Mumbai airport and Chhatrapati Sambhaji airport. Within a year Ratnagiri will be connected by plane network.”

Atul Bhatkhalkar


 “Initially the government had announced about to build 100 new smart cities. Later on it announced that 100 existing cities will be converted into smart cities. They have not yet utilized the funds allocated for the project. At many places the work has not been started. Smart cities are about healthcare, transport, and toilets for women and facilities for common man. When asked about whether the government has missed the narrative about smart cities he said, “Yes and they have missed on the execution side too. At a time when government had announced smart airports, it seems they are fascinated about the word smart. They have to get clarity on what the smart is all about.”

Rohit Pawar


“When it comes to smart cities, people at the lower level don’t know what they have to do. There is lack of standardised format pertaining to how smart city will look like. Consultants are being hired. The work of government is to be done by passing tender. The authorities are not given proper briefing relating to construction of smart cities. IAS officers are deputed in the board of smart cities project and then the same officers are transferred. There is lack of vision. The operating cost of flights at Nanded is very high. The government has failed to rescue Air India. He laughs and says, “Industrialist’s are aware that they won’t be able to earn money in public private partnership. Today once a legislator is out of power and investigations are held therefore nobody is willing to take up infrastructure development work.”

Uttam Abuwala
Chartered Accountant


 “The authorities were not clear about how project implementation will take place, because the initial controversy was concerning to the establishment of special purpose vehicle. So there was question about whether they are taking away rights of Municipal Corporation. The commissioner will take away the powers of Mayor. The second question comprises what do we mean by smart cities. We don’t mean by smart cities consisting of good roads, greenery. We require proper ambience in the growing set up of tier 1, tier 2 cities and mega cities, which was missing.”

He smiles and says, “As we are entering 21st century we need to have a city that will accommodate migrated population. Thirdly it will give an opportunity to citizens to participate in the administration to keep the city environment friendly. But unfortunately it missed the boat because of procedural, administration and implementation issues. The idea of building 100 airports looks good, as it will increase regional connectivity. We have 130 crore population but very few use the civil aviation.”


Sanjay Jog
Senior Journalist


“100 old houses have been demolished for constructing smart cities. In Indore a 114-year-old building has been demolished. The government has not given compensation. People were allotted homes that are similar to SRA transit camps. There is no provision of giving compensation to project affected persons. Indore Mayor managed to halt the demolition of the property required by him. Smart city is a foreign concept. The government is only making promises to construct 100 airports. Nobody is reading a party’s manifesto. The Election Commission should make manifestos promises to be fulfilled compulsorily. Whatever promises are made by party should be recorded. People should remain alert. She smiles and says political parties distribute sarees prior to five months of elections. All these practice must be stopped doing so. Airports are already built and later on it demolished and again reconstructed. The contract for renovation of Mumbai airport has been given without payment of bill. Government is doing all this to please Adani.”

Medha Patkar
NBA leader


“Whether it is smart cities or airports these are only smart political movements. These are only smart political promises that are never to be fulfilled. This is only to lure the voters to come on their side. Their promises have absolutely no meaning. The main promise made by NDA at the inception of 2014 was to give 15 lakh rupees to every Indian. Where is that money? Therefore we are not to be guided by what they have promised. We should observe their performance.”

Majeed Memon
NCP leader


 “They keep on changing the goal post. They are giving false promises to attract voters. Neither smart cities have been established nor farmers have got minimum support price. Unemployment has increased. They had promised to bring economy on track, increase manufacturing. Real estate and textile sector are witnessing slowdown.”

  – Atul Londe 
Congress spokesperson


“I’ve stopped believing in meaningless statements made by any of the political parties. I think as a citizen I’ve learnt to realise that all these empty promises are part of a political agenda, which in reality is extremely misleading. But as a frequent traveller it bothers me to see how advanced other countries are in terms of airports. India too deserves to be in the big league but unfortunately all our hopes get dashed thanks to empty promises made by our political parties irrespective whether it’s the ruling party or otherwise.”

Sumita Chakraborty
Editor of STARDUST magazine



“Although BJP could not fulfill the smart cities project but they have tried their best. We can see the difference. BJP government made around 35000 km highways across 16 states. It’s a part of great development. They started many good policies like Ayushman Bharat, JanDhanYojna, GramJyotiYojnaetc which shows a great improvement. We need to give them time. Things will not change overnight. Now their announcement about airports is a great project to connect even small cities to the metros by air. It will save lot of time and increase trade. They are trying to fulfill their promises. J&K is the biggest example. We need to give them time and have trust.”

  – Komal Sharma 
General Lawyer


I don’t need 100 working airports. I just need better roads after landing into a new city. Not patches just proper road. And instead of adding new airports the government can try to improve the ones we have got. The international ones are well off. But the domestic ones needs more care taking. And I really believe that 100 working airports by 2024 is just a fantasy.”

Aditay Paralkar
Electrical engineer


As the manifesto of BJP back then at 2014, 100 smart cities, which got into picture by 2015 when cabinet ministers signed the proposals and spent $14 billion for it, though few are almost done and few are not yet started but can see the city like Shillong, which is almost ready to be called smart city. I think initiative was important, well it’s a slow development but its going on. I appreciate it.”

“Though 2019’s BJP’s Manifesto during Lok Sabha elections was building more 100 domestic airports to make it convenient to the travellers to commute. Though keeping this promise by BJP government, I expect at least 20-25 airports by 2024, don’t over exaggerate by saying 100 which is not that possible in developing country to have such fast reaction on the projects. Building such small airports would encourage many commuters to travel places to places even more conveniently. But building airports at proper population which has many commuters who travel, must be studied well before constructing it, as later if there are less commuters, there would be again shut down of the airport and Indian Economy would bear a good amount of loss.”

  – Nishant Vilas Birje
Yuva Sena Vasai Taluka Chief Coordinator


The growth of infrastructure is really on a tremendous pace but introducing 100 new airports seems to be a very huge number and requires lots of capital to be invested. Being a frequent flyer I haven’t seen much of a change in any of this promises (Laugh). Yes aesthetically there are improvements done in airports but I have no idea about technicalities.”

Bhaskar Parikh


All governments announce many things but they never fulfilled their promises. So the thought is what are all the things or changes they made which have not been promised. According to me the loyalty and welfare are there for the country from this government. At least now INDIA has made a well-known place in this world.”

  – Anita Motwani
Business woman


As a frequent flight traveller there should be more routes to connect to the smaller villages because I have seen people working with me have to travel in bus or train to reach their desired destination like for an example A person living in Dehradun has the last flight destination to Delhi. I think they should work on this. According to me the best idea I must say.”

Jigar Mistry
Bartender carnival cruises Australia


“I am not sure whether this government will fulfill the expectation of the citizens of India. People are unhappy with the way this government is functioning, especially the Financial Sector and Auto industry, which is in a very pathetic, state. Present Infrastructure, in the country is still not up to expectations of the common Man.”

  – Sethuramn


100 airports? Seriously? This is a Hyperbole example it seems. They should now rather focus on minorities rather than providing 100 airports. We already saw what BJP has caused us yet with some transformation we still have nothing left just recession. And promises are just another tactics to gain some support. India had its time, now its time to grow.”

Siddhant Samjiskar,
Social worker


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