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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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LK Advani AV

LK Advani blasts speaker, government for repeated Lok Sabha disruptions

Veteran Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani on Wednesday lashed out at the deadlock in Parliament as the opposition against the Centre’s demonetisation move continues.

“Neither the Speaker nor the parliamentary affairs minister is interested in running the House,” he said in the Lok Sabha, as sloganeering and protests continued to stall proceedings for the third week of the Winter Session.

“I am going to tell the Speaker that she is not running the House … I am going to say it publicly. Both sides are a party to this,” the report quoted Advani as saying while Kumar was seen pacifying the senior BJP Lok Sabha member. Advani even pointed to the media gallery, apparently suggesting that his comments will not go unreported.

Advani made it clear to a stunned Ananth Kumar that either the Lok Sabha should act against those who were disrupting the proceedings or make peace with them.

He said the house should not run amid din and slogan-shouting. This, the BJP leader said, did not send a positive message about Indian Parliament.

The Lok Sabha has been witnessing noisy disruptions since the second day of the winter session that started on November 16.

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