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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
HomeCity News17 waitresses escape from Nashik correctional home, eight caught

17 waitresses escape from Nashik correctional home, eight caught

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At least 17 waitresses nabbed from an illegal bar in Maharashtra escaped from a correctional home here early Wednesday after throwing chilli powder in the eyes of the watchman, an official said. Eight were later caught.
The incident took place at the Vatsalya Mahila Vastigriha (VMV) in the city, according to a police complaint lodged by the hostel authorities.
VMV head Nalini Patil told mediapersons the incident occurred when the lone security guard opened the main gate to allow the milkman to enter around 4.30 a.m.
“Suddenly, the girls who were hiding sprang and threw chilli powder on his face, blinding him and taking advantage of the darkness, escaped” Patil said.
Afterwards, the watchman informed the hostel officials who alerted the Sakarwada police station.
A police search team was organised which fanned out in the localities and also flashed wireless messages to all police vans to check important roads and exits from the city.
The prompt action bore fruit and eight were caught loitering or hiding in the Panchati area.
Investigating officer Suresh Padvi said the hunt for the remaining nine was on.
Patil said these waitresses were among the 41 women who were nabbed following a police raid few days back on a clandestine bar in Thane district.
Following a court order, the women were shifted to VMV, Nashik.
Patil said the women often said they wanted to be reunited with their families and children and demanded they be released from the hostel at the earliest.

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