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18-year-old girl’s habit of biting her cheek gives her oral cancer

Doctors at the Regional Cancer Centre in Raipur are treating an unusual medical case of an 18 year old girl, who developed oral cancer due to self sustained bites on her inner cheek. She has no history of tobacco consumption whatsover.

Though extremely rare, this type of oral cancer, known as buccal mucosa, affects a couple of middle aged people (above 40 years) every year in Chhattisgarh.

The girl who hails from Ambikapur, felt pain in her jaw few months ago. She went to a local doctor who administered medicines thinking that she may have bitten her inner cheek quite badly. However, when the pain did not subside, he advised her to go the Regional Cancer Centre for a biopsy, she said.
The biopsy confirmed she had oral cancer.

Dr. Vivek Choudhary, head of Regional Cancer Centre, said oral cancer is quite common among the lower socio-economic groups, including women, due to tobacco chewing. However, cancer caused by self sustained bites on the inner cheek is extremely rare and though every year a couple of people affected by it are treated at the centre, they are usually middle aged, he said.

“I just couldn’t imagine that an innocuous bite could lead to cancer”, the girl told, adding that she is now worried about her future and the scars that the surgery would leave on her face.

According to doctors treating the girl, her case has been detected at an early stage. After surgery, she will have to stay in the hospital for at least 2 weeks and then come for regular check-ups. The doctors are hopeful that this young girl she will able to recuperate.

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