1993 Bombay blasts convict Zaibunisa Kazi gets 30-day parole


Zaibunisa-KaziSeventy-year-old Zaibunisa Kazi, who is a co-accused in the 1993 Bombay blasts case, is granted 30 days parole.

Her daughter will collect the order of the parole from the state secretariat in the afternoon. Last year, her plea for parole was rejected by the Divisional Commissioner.

Zaibunisa Kazi, who was convicted for the same charges as Sanjay Dutt, had appealed to the Maharashtra Governor seeking pardon.

Both Kazi and Dutt were charged under TADA Act for aiding and abetting a terrorist act and the Arms Act. But Dutt was held guilty only under the Arms Act while Kazi was convicted under TADA too.