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4 Kashmiri students beaten up in Rajasthan over beef cooking rumours

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Four Kashmiri students were allegedly beaten up after a rumour spread that they had cooked beef in their hostel room. The incident took place at Mewar University in Chittorgarh city of Rajasthan.

mewar-universityAs reported in the Indian Express newspaper, the incident led to scuffles with Kashmiri students at Mewar University in Chittorgarh. There are around 800 Kashmiri students on campus.

“Some mischief mongers spread rumours that the students were cooking beef. But prima facie it didn’t look like beef. We have sent it for forensic testing just to be sure,” Chittorgarh superintendent of police Prasanna Khamesara told Indian Express.

Some Hindu religious groups protested outside the campus and shouted slogans against the institute’s administration but the police arrived soon after.

The incident comes days after reports that Kolkata police wrote to city college authorities, asking for details of Kashmiri students enrolled there.
The Mewar University administration said the issue was “blown out of proportion” by fringe elements.

“We have students from all over the country…from 23 states. It is like a mini India. Sometimes, these small scuffles happen because people are from different socio-cultural backgrounds,” University media liaison officer Harish Gurnani told Indian Express.

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