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4 students innovate a unique cooler; runs without water, still gives the comfort of an AC

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Now, coolers will produce cold air without using water, thanks to students of Maharshi Arvind College of Engineering and Research Centre in Jaipur.

With the use of a compressor and a copper tube grill, these students have been able to put together what they call a ‘low cost AC’.

They have fitted a compressor (from a refrigerator) in the cooler and connected it to copper tube grill at the front. When the cooler is switched on, cold air passes through the copper grill.

The model that the research students have designed is for people who want comfort like that of an AC on a hot summer day, but at a cheaper price.

Students say that the use of inexpensive equipment in their version of the cooler keeps it with at par with other usual models available in the market in terms of price.

The idea came to their minds when they saw an enhanced model of cooler in a marriage. The cooler was connected to a water tube. The moment it was switched on, the water would fall on the fans of the cooler and the fan in turn would throw out droplets and cold air.

They wanted to innovate a similar cooler, but one which doesn’t use water to produce cold air. So they replaced the usual aluminium grill in the cooler to copper due to their instant heating and cooling properties.

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