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50-member ‘Nala Gang’ all set to deal with 2013 flood-like situation

As monsoons draw in, Uttarakhand’s Municipal Corporation has kick-started proactive efforts to deal with an unexpected disaster that might occur like last year.

It has completed recruitment of ‘Nala gang’, a group formed to tackle 2013 Uttarakhand flood-like situation in the state. These people will clean the drains across the state and stop overflow of water that otherwise spills on the road and human settlement areas.

The gang members have been appointed for a period of three months.

Also, the Municipal Corporation has formed various teams to check the overflow of rain water on the roads during the monsoon season.

On Monday. Mayor Vinod Chamoli held a meeting with Municipal Corporation officials over monsoon preparedness. He directed them to visit various areas in the state in the next two days and come up with fool-proof plans to tackle unexpected flood situation.

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