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64 archaic laws repealed by legislature, more to go

As many as 64 acts, some of them dating back to 1876, were repealed by the Maharashtra legislature during the recently concluded monsoon session.

‘Maharashtra Repealing Act, 2016’, passed by both houses of the legislature, is a part of larger exercise to delete altogether 191 such irrelevant and outdated legislations which have been deemed fit for removal from the statute book by the Law Commission.

These legislations have been divided into ten volumes and are to be repealed in phases, from the ones dating back to 1827 to those passed in 1984.

Of the total of 191 acts, 54 concern the Urban Development, 39 relate to the Revenue Department and 14 laws concern the Law and Judiciary.

Among the legislations repealed recently is ‘The Maharashtra Dog Race-courses Licensing Act, 1976,’ which regulated dog races. In these races an object propelled by mechanical means was chased by dogs; such races have become extinct long ago.

‘Bombay Racecourses Licensing and Bombay Betting Tax Acts (Extension and Amendment) Act, 1958’ provided for levying tax on money’s paid in all forms of races including dog races. In case of default on payment of betting money, the defaulter had to pay fine as an arrear of the land revenue.

‘The Tolls on Roads and Bridges Act’ dated back to 1875.

It empowered the officers to levy toll on road traffic. The rate ranged from Rs. 1 for four-wheeled carriage on springs, to 12 annas for carts and hackery (two wheel cart or sledge on springs drawn by horse or any other animal).

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