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A wedding ceremony, 130 metres underwater, sets world record

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wedding-ceremonyA wet wedding day would be a disaster for most couples, but an adventurous bride and groom have set a new world record by taking their vows underwater!

Hiroyuki Yoshida from Japan and his wife Sandra Smith from US set a new Guinness world record for deepest underwater wedding, tying the knot at 130 metres below the surface in a cave at Song Hong Lake, Trang, Thailand.

Yoshida and Smith, both diving instructors by profession, underwent six hard months of intensive training to prepare for the 190 minutes underwater ceremony last September.

The wedding party saw friend and fellow diving instructor Ben Reymenants act as Yoshida and Smith’s ordained minister, while cave divers Pekka Hartikainen and Charles Hosner, acted as best man and second witness respectively, Guinness said in a statement.

The most difficult part of the ceremony proved to be the ring exchange.

To protect the platinum rings from a slip of the fingers they were knotted into a safety spool clipped onto Pekka for safe transportation.

Once at 130m, Pekka passed the end of the line off to Hiroyuki, unwinding Sandy’s ring tied into it.

Despite being deep underwater in cave breathing off closed circuit re-breathers, the groom did get to kiss the bride.

The pair threw their breathing apparatus upwards and turned heads so they could kiss.

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