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A week on, 3-yr-old Jahnvi remains missing; Delhi Police clueless

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It’s been seven excruciating days for the parents of the three-year-old Jahnvi, who went missing from New Delhi’s VVIP area of India Gate last Sunday, however despite the availability of CCTV footages and a phone number given by the girl’s parent to trace, Delhi Police remain clueless about the child.

A heartbreakingly cute photo of the three-year-old Jahnvi peeps from the posters stuck on the walls of the capital by the child’s relatives, who have been devastated by the incident, that took place on the fateful evening of last Sunday. A case regarding this has been registered in New Delhi’s Tilak Marg police station. Delhi Police, which has so far been clueless about the missing child, has declared a reward of Rs 50, 000 to anyone providing the information on her whereabouts.

The missing child’s aggrieved mother said how they were just about to leave the India Gate at around 9:15 pm on September 28, when Jahnvi went missing.

“We were preparing to leave..and she (Jahnvi) was sitting with me. But just within two minutes, I turned only to find that she was not there…,” said the distraught mother, who has refuse to eat since the unfortunate incident.

Flashing the photo of cherubic Jahnvi, the girl child’s kins also took to Jantar Mantar to peacefully protest against Delhi police, which has hitherto, failed to get any clue about the three-year-old.

However, they were being shoved and forced to leave the area, said the child’s father. TV Visuals also showed the policemen manhandling some relatives.

Speaking about the case of missing Jahnvi, Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi said they were following all the standard operating procedures to trace the child and as soon as they get any clue, they will inform the parents.

There are CCTV footages available that show the little girl loitering in the India Gate area, along with others besides her. The police have still not been able to identify those around her in the footage. The girl’s parents also complain that nothing has been done about a phone number that could have a connection with the case.

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