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AAP should take Shanti Bhushan’s remark on Kejriwal seriously: Shazia Ilmi

Reacting to the remarks of AAP patron Shanti Bhushan on Arvind Kejriwal lacking organisational ability, former AAP leader Shazia Ilmi on Thursday said that the party should take his views seriously.

“The remarks of Shanti Bhushan, who is like the Bhishma Pitamah of AAP, must be taken very seriously by the party and it is very serious concern what he spoke out in the public,” Ilmi said.

In a sharp attack, Bhushan had on Wednesday said, “Arvind (Kejriwal) is a great leader and a great campaigner, but in my opinion he lacks organisational ability.”

The former AAP leader said that internal democracy should prevail within the party.

“I am talking about party’s internal democracy, transparency, different points of view and allow other people to be part of decision making. This is a very serious concern first raised by me and now the mentor of the party.”

“Matters concerning the party should be within the party. I am sure that Shanti Bhushan Ji, whom we all respect a lot, will be trying to raise them (issues) in the party,” Ilmi said.

Speaking on the controversy that was created following Bhushan’s remarks, senior AAP leader Ashutosh Srivastava said that we should not raise questions on Kejriwal’s organisational ability.

“In democracy, everybody has a right to speak up. Arvind Kejriwal was the brain child of anti-corruption moment and within one and a half years of its formation, Aam Aadmi Party got 28 seats under his leadership. He is the man who created Anna’s moment and Aam Aadmi Party…So why this questions are being raised now,” Ashutosh said.

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