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ACP asks DJ band to follow SC order on noise pollution

DJ band of Kandivali had approached ACP Subash Vele, Samata Nagar Police Station and Senior PI Anil Mane. Abhijit Wadekar informed Vele that lack alternative employment opportunities and sought his assistance. He also added that DJ will adhere to rules.

“Group members had spent lakhs of rupees to purchase musical equipments. If sound barrier is imposed that it will adversely affect our livelihood,” said Abhijit.

After giving a patient hearing to DJ band, Vele said, “We understand the unemployment problem faced by you. You are violating the rule by playing instruments exceeding 70 decibels. Police will have to intervene if somebody violates the law. We cannot go against court order will have to abide by law. We have fought several cases in court,” said Vele.

People belonging to various religions celebrate different festivals. Several silence zones exist in the city and playing musical instruments at high decibels cause inconvenience to citizens. Children and senior citizens are the worst hit.

“We have not stopped any one from playing instruments as we only want people to follow the court order. While interacting with band members Vele had presented various evidence to them to back his claim,” he added.

Band members also thanked Vele and assured him that they will refrain from playing instruments. Abhijeet Wadekar, Virendra Chourasia and Anwar Shaikh informed Vele that they will follow rules and regulations and thanked him.

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