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After Exit Polls, BJP Stocking up on 2000 kgs of Laddoos

Election results are yet to be announced but the BJP is already preparing for celebrations as most exit polls have given NDA a clear majority and Narendra Modi is expected to take over as the 15th Prime Minister of India.

Anticipating a victory that is worth celebrating, the Mumbai BJP plans to distribute laddoos as soon as the results start pouring in on May 16, the day when votes will be counted.

“We are going to distribute 2000 kg laddoos at the historic CP tank crossing. We will distribute these laddoos and cake to the public and our supporters. We have put up giant LCD screens to watch the results and as soon as Modi wins a majority we will start distributing laddoos, burst crackers and celebrate with colour,” Mumbai BJP Spokesperson Atul Shah said.

The Mumbai unit of the BJP has placed an order for the laddoos and preparations for the big day have already started with sweet makers beginning the job to ensure the deliver on time. And if the RSS has played a role in shaping Mr Modi’s victory, they are a part of the celebration plans too.

Mumbai BJP Spokesperson Atul Shah said, “In India, in the past to commemorate celebrations, it has always been Laddoos that have been distributed, and these laddoos are being prepared by Swayamsevaks through a RSS backed organisation. That is why we are ordering laddoos and this is a part of Indian culture.”

When asked if the party was in a hurry to celebrate, Mr Shah said, “How would I have ordered laddoos overnight? When I have an organisation that makes laddoos well, why should I not prepare. Nobody should think we are in a hurry. Everyone believes we will win. Our faith in victory is not unfounded.”

In these elections, the country recorded its highest ever voter turnout. According to the Election Commission the overall polling figure stands at 66.38 per cent. The number of voters for 2014 Lok Sabha elections has increased by over 10 crores.

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