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After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Aditya Rajput’s death in drug overdose controversy

Aditya's late father was a lawyer in the Delhi High Court, while his mother was an employee with the Delhi government administration.

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The 36-year-old actor died on Monday after he fell in the bathroom of his Oshiwara flat. Aditya Rajput was out of work, and he was going through depression. The sources in the industry said he was addicted to drugs, and the actor succumbed to the overdose.

His mother, Usha Rajput, had been getting calls and messages from people asking her about the reality of the drug overuse that a section of the media had also claimed as the cause of death. However, the post-mortem report is inconclusive about this aspect, police officers said.

Aditya’s late father was a lawyer in the Delhi High Court, while his mother was an employee with the Delhi government administration. “By making such unverified claims, they are maligning the name of my son and my family. This is a cruel thing to do,” she said.

Recalling her last conversation with Aditya, she said, “On Monday afternoon, I noticed that my entire chat history with my son had been deleted. Not being so technologically savvy, I called him around 2.15 pm to ask what might have happened. He told me there was some problem with WhatsApp and he would text me again. However, he didn’t say anything about being unwell.”

The last WhatsApp message that Aditya sent her after this conversation was “mumma,” followed by a red heart emoji, she said. Later (around 2.25 pm), he sent her a voice note, saying there was an issue with WhatsApp but she could reach him on the app. She said and added that her last message, “Okay beta”, which she sent him around 3.15 pm, was never read by her son.

Around 4 pm on Monday, she said she received a call from one of Aditya’s close friends informing her about his demise. “I panicked and was shaking; I had to call a neighbor to pack my bags and help me book a ticket to Mumbai.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Aditya’s body was handed over to the family after the post-mortem was conducted. His mortal remains were later cremated at the Oshiwara crematorium. Upset over conspiracy theories floating on social media, especially the ones that point to a possible drug overdose, the mother of late actor Aditya Singh Rajput has appealed to people not to malign the name of her son and her family.

But still, the reason for his death is not sure. Aditya was getting some small-time projects on social media sites, but there was nothing major in his kitty. Sushant Singh Rajput and Aditya Singh Rajput both had similar kinds of issues in life, but Sushant’s death was politicized and Aditya’s death remained mystifying.

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