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AIMPLB gets a slap- Muslim Seculars blame patriarchal beliefs

Muslim, talaqWhile there is an effort being made to enhance the law for the benefits and rights of Muslim women, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) was slammed by the Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) in a press conference held on April 3 targeting the Law Board’s rallies stating that they have been misleading the community against the Supreme Court declaration to ban the polygamy, nikah halala and mutah marriage.

Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Jb. Zafaryab Jilani Sb. expressed, “Zeenat Shaukat Ali joins hand with BJP and RSS; so we don’t give any importance to their statement. They are just making fool out of people.”

To challenge the AIMPLB, IMSD along with other Muslim outfits will file an intervention application against the petitions pending before the Supreme Court seeking declaration of all the acts practiced in the marriage in the name of religion which violate the law. It is also on contrary to the tradition, compared to the core values of the Islam.

Feroze Mithiborwala, Social Activist and Co-convenor of IMSD said, “Right wing politics always oppose the secular movement, whether it is Muslim Law Board or Hindutva theory by RSS and BJP. We do not support any political party. For the triple talaq and other issues we will approach to the Supreme Court.”

Hitting the strike on similar note with IMSD, the Chairman of Ghareeban Nawaz Foundation, Maulana Ansar Raza also attacked the AIMPLB for the demonstration by Muslim women at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi, on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the women members of AIMPLB on April 2 came out on the streets of Mumbai and gathered at the Azad Maidan demanding to withdraw the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017. The Muslim outfits questioned the male-centric leadership of AIMPLB which had unleashed thousands of burqa-clad women protesting across the country.

Maulana Ansar Raza reacted to the Board’s statement of calling women as ‘naqis ul aqal’ (having faulty intellect). He further said that “the Muslim community had to face embarrassment due to this comment. Now, the Board is bringing the same women on the roads who it had declared as naqis ul aqal. Instead of fighting legal battle, the Board is making mockery of women.” He strongly said that this move of Muslim Personal Law Board is contributing to tarnishing the image of the Islam and the Muslims.

Hussain Dalwai, Congress leader expressed, “Basically, these organisations do not represent the overall Muslims, and the Law Board has their different opinion. Triple Talaq should be banned but BJP has fabricated the provision in the Triple Talaq Bill. One of the biggest loopholes is stating the husbands as criminals. I always suggest Muslims to not comment on it as it is for provoking the community. Ultimately, after all these, Muslims are only victimised during any violence! Government should also consider the right of protection of Muslim women.”

He further stated, “Right wing parties use the poverty and child labour issues of the Muslim community. Women should be provided with quality education and some modernisation along with religious education. There is a need for unbiased Triple Talaq Bill and prosperity of Muslim community overall.”

As on one side, they plead for the freedom of their women, on the other hand, by continuing the derogatory acts like triple talaq, polygamy etc., are they revealing the two-faced norms made to benefit their own agendas? Are the women getting influenced by them against the rights provided for their self-determination?

BJP spokesperson Madhu Chavhan stated, “Muslim Law Board and religious leaders don’t take women into consideration, misguide them and also treat them as slaves. The government supports Muslim women in the fight for their rights.”

In a fight going on, for the women empowerment in the society, irrespective of the caste or religion, it seems like a part of Muslim women themselves do not want to put hold on the ill-treatment done in the name of religion towards them. They fail to understand that they are being targeted for the political agenda behind it.

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