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‘Akhand Bharat’ a cultural concept, not a political one: RSS

With issue of “Akhand Bharat” gaining political momentum after BJP general secretary Ram Madhav’s statement that parts of India – including Pakistan and Bangladesh which were separated 60 years ago, will reunite to form United India, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Sunday pointed out that the issue was a cultural concept not a political one.

“Akhand Bharat is a cultural concept not a political one, it is cultural because the division of Indian and Pakistan was based on religion, once people in Pakistan accept pre-Islamic history, culture and intellectual legacy of India then that cultural unity would be possible,” said RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha.

When asked to comment on Madhav’s statement on Akhand Bharat, Sinha said it is political issue and that Bharatiya Janata Party should answer that as to why he made such statement and what he means by his ‘Akhand Bharat’.

“For RSS Akhand Bharat is not a programme, it is our ideal; that this land is one India, which is called as punya bhumi (sacred land)”, he added.

“The division of India was unnatural, but that can be undone only when people of Bangladesh and Pakistan, accept pre Islamic Indian culture and ethos that is based on Indonesian model. It is cultural concept, not a political one,” he added.

Ram Madhav, had earlier said that the Sangh believes that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will one day reunite again not by war but through “popular goodwill”, the comment came when Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise stopover in Lahore for a meeting with Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif.

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