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All rapists should get death penalty: Anuhya’s father

He is pleased with the court verdict awarding death sentence to convict Chandrabhan Sanap.

AnuhyaEsther Anuhya’s family heaved a sigh of relief after special women’s court awarded death sentence to the accused Chandrabhan Sanap responsible for brutal rape and murder of Anuhya. After Anuhya’s murder her father S. Jonathan Prasad had to undergo severe hardships and run from pillar to post for getting justice. Jonathan said that he was like a close friend to his daughter and she used to share every detail of her life with him. Initially the Mumbai Police had failed to cooperate with Jonathan and asked him to file a FIR in Vijayawada instead of Mumbai. They also asked him to prove that Esther was in Mumbai when the crime had occurred. He had met the then Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who assured him that justice will be delivered to him.

Welcoming the court verdict Jonathan said, “Justice has been done and we are grateful to the police, courts and media for taking up the cause so diligently… It will serve as a deterrent to others. All rapists should get death penalty.”

Prasad, a retired professor, who now resides in the sleepy locality of Nobel Colony, said he has complete faith in the judiciary and the fact that Sanap, 29, was convicted of the crime in just 22 months of trial, reflects that trust.

“A lot of people kept telling me that nothing would happen in my daughter’s case. Some even told me not to trust the judicial system. But I have complete faith and fast-tracking of the case has proved that I wasn’t wrong,” Prasad said.

Reacting to the death sentence Esther’s uncle Arun Kumar said, “The family is happy with the sentence.”

While awarding the death sentence, the court termed the case as “rarest of rare”.

“The case falls under the category of the rarest of rare, hence the accused is awarded death sentence…He must be hanged by his neck till he is dead,” said Special Women’s court judge Vrushali Joshi pronouncing the verdict.

Sanap was convicted under IPC Section 302 (murder), Section 376 (rape) and Section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence).

The prosecution told the sessions court which tried Sanap that the killing was a “crime against society” and sought the capital punishment. Special public prosecutor Raja Thakare said there is a need for strict punishment in such cases to create a society where women are not insecure.”

“Violent crimes against women have increased, which is not a good sign. Women work in night shifts. If it leads to insecurity, it is not a good for society or even the law. Such offences deserve the death penalty,” Thakare said.

Chandrabhan Sanap, who has been consistently denying the charges put on him broke down outside the court after hearing the sentence. Sanap said, “I have not committed any crime. I never expect to be given death. There is no evidence against me. I have been punished for something I have not done. I have not seen my daughter. What should I do with my life?

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