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Ambani saves Ambani – Anil’s arrest was bad for elections

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lead 13From one of the wealthiest persons in 2008 to a bankrupt in 2019, Anil Ambani is fighting to save his reputation from a possible jail sentence. Between all this, Mukesh Ambani stepped in to make a 453 crore payment for his younger brother who is under great debt. However, it seemed to the media analysts that Mukesh Ambani is compelled to help Anil Ambani so that he could maintain his relationship with Narendra Modi. Since the Rafale jet deal in 2016, opposition  leaders alleged that Anil Ambani negotiated the Rafale deal agreement with France in which India bought 36 off the shelf Dassault Rafale twin-engine fighters for a price estimated to be Rs 58,000 crore.

While talking to Afternoon Voice BJP leader Dattatrey J Naik expressed,“Opposition lacks political issue and is only trying to malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s image. If the erstwhile UPA government had purchased Rafale aircraft then it would have successfully conducted air strike. Our government is following transparency and no corporates have derived benefit from the government.”

On February 20, the Supreme Court has held Anil Ambani and two of his company directors guilty of contempt of court in the Ericsson case for not clearing the dues of Rs 550 crore that they had pledged to pay. The apex court asked him to pay Rs 453 crore within four weeks or serve three months in jail. Businessmen across the nation wonder at why and how Anil Ambani landed in such a financial mess that he finds himself in. However, almost after a decade and a half after a bitter separation, Mukesh Ambani steeped in to save younger brother Anil Ambani from prison by helping him clear the Rs 453 crore debts.

Congress Rajya Sabha MP P.L Puniya said, “Forty percent of media is controlled by Mukesh Ambani. Prices of petrol and diesel are hiked despite a fall in crude oil prices to help Reliance petrol pump to run. The Modi government is supporting and working for the interest of Ambani brothers which has been exposed due to the Rafale scam. Modi can go to any extent to shield Ambani brothers. Ambani brothers are campaigning for the Modi government.”

Since the Rafale deal came into existence Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of acting as a middleman of Anil Ambani in the Rafale jet deal by citing an e-mail to claim that the businessman was aware of the MoU even before India and France signed it. Ambani’s knowledge of defence deal was under preparation which the then Defence Minister had said that he was not aware of, is in violation of the Official Secrets Act which can put both the people in jail. Only Modi could have told Ambani about the deal in advance. However, Reliance Defence refuted the claim that industrialist Anil Ambani was not aware of the Rafale jet deal days before India and France signed the deal. But Rahul Gandhi has continued his relentless assault over the Rafale deal to corner the government in the run up to next Lok Sabha elections especially as Modi government has been often cited a corruption free administration as its achievements after several alleged scams came to light during the Congress rule.

Criminal lawyer in Bombay High Court and political analyst Pankaj Jadhav said, “Indians are aware that the Modi government has been supporting businessmen and Ambani family in the forefront. Supreme Court had asked Anil Ambani to pay dues to Ericson. Despite this the government is favouring Ambani family. The government has given Rafale aircraft contract to Anil Ambani even though his firm lacks experience. When the government machinery is favouring Ambani then how will they take action against him?”

It is also believed that Mukesh Ambani is dominating the Modi government, whereas Anil Ambani is being sheltered by the same government. However, a question that remained unanswered is that ‘who is going to be benefitted by saving Anil from going to jail’.




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