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Any new Syrian chemical strike will get ‘much stronger response’: US

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White House National Security Adviser John Bolton AV

The United States of America on Monday warned Syria of dire consequences if it uses chemical weapons again.

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said that further use of chemical weapons against civilians by the Syrian regime will be met with “a much stronger response”

Bolton also asserted that Britain and France are also in agreement with the US government in this regard.

“We’ve tried to convey the message in recent days that if there’s a third use of chemical weapons, the response will be much stronger,” Sputnik quoted Bolton as he said while delivering a speech on US policy.

“I can say we’ve been in consultations with the British and the French who have joined us in the second strike and they also agree that another use of chemical weapons will result in a much stronger response,” he added further.

According to Sputnik, Bolton also brushed off allegations that the United States is giving authorization to dreaded terror outfit al-Qaeda to carry out a chemical attack and put the blame on the Syrian government and termed it to be an outrageous claim.

Bolton’s comments come on the heels after both Syria and Russia claimed that terrorists are planning to carry out a chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib province, something which could provoke the western nations to take action against the Syrian government.

The US carried out a strike on a Syrian airbase in April 2017 following a deadly chemical weapons attack in Idlib that claimed 86 lives.

Then in April 2018 the US, France and Britain launched a joint attack in Syria after a chemical strike on the city of Douman was reported to have left at least 70 people dead.

The Idlib province continues to be a stronghold for terrorists, despite the Syrian forces have gained control of the biggest part of the country.

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