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Armed teenager neutralised, Moscow school students freed

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Moscow-school-students-freedA high-school student armed with a rifle barged into a biology classroom on Monday and killed a police officer and a teacher besides taking 20 students hostage in a school in Moscow.

Al the students have been freed and the gunman has now been disarmed and taken to a police car outside school, said the Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Pilipchuk on state TV.

He added that the gunman is a student of the same school, but of a higher class.

According to a Russian news website, LifeNews, the gunman was an excellent student who staged the shooting to retaliate against a 37-year-old geography teacher Andrew Kirillov, with whom he had an altercation recently.

The disgruntled student entered the school with a small-caliber rifle and a hunting rifle and said, “I need a geography teacher,” the Russian website reported.

Unlike in US, school shootings are not a common incident for Russia.

The incident comes just days before Russia is hosting Winter Olympics at Sochi from Feb 7, re-igniting the fears over the security during the games.

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