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Arvind Kejriwal stands for ‘Chosen Madness’, says NCP

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Sushilkumar_Shinde_Dubbing AAP leaders as “symbols of arrogance”, NCP on Wednesday dared Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to write a single line letter to Congress requesting it to withdraw its support.

“If Kejriwal has the courage and the guts, he will write a single line letter to Congress to withdraw its support to his government,” NCP spokesman D P Tripathi told reporters mounting a scathing attack on the AAP leader and his colleagues.

Insisting that neither the Home Minister Sushil kumar Shinde nor the Centre committed any wrong while dealing with the demand of AAP, he said that the “only fault” was that of the Delhi police for its failure to arrest the “lawless Law Minister” of Delhi.

Dubbing AAP leaders as “symbols of arrogance”, who lack “decency, decorum and morality”, Tripathi said the Delhi Law Minister could have been immediately arrested under 11 counts including for obstruction of public servants.

Taking exception to the way Kejriwal has talked about Sushil Kumar Shinde, who is the Home Minister of India,Tripathi said that the CM in Delhi stands for “Chosen Madness” as he has “trampled upon justice, rule of law and the Constitution”.

Asked if Kejriwal becomes Prime Minister, he remarked it will be “Permanent Madness”. The NCP leader also said that Kejriwal’s statement– that two police officers have been sent on leave is the victory of people of Delhi– are “unimaginably foolish remarks”.

Tripathi claimed that there was a “fall in the credibility” of AAP within one month’s of coming to power in Delhi.

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