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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Aryan and Laxmi: Mumbai’s trans man and trans woman couple all set to marry

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Laxmi Narayan Tripathi,Aryan Pasha, Transgender, Hijra,Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is a transgender rights activist from Mumbai. Laxmi is a hijra. She is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008. At the assembly, she spoke of the plight of sexual minorities.
Aryan Pasha the Delhi resident became the first Indian transgender man to win a prize at a bodybuilding. He is a lawyer and body builder. Both have earned fame in their respective field.

Aryan Pasha, who was born biologically female and Laxmi, who was born biologically male, have both undergone sex reassignment surgeries. Laxmi recently performed Jalsa, the event after 40 days complete isolation following the act of castration. Laxmi, transformed herself from man to woman and Aryan Pasha transformed himself from girl to boy. And thus began a love story that will soon culminate in wedding between a trans man and a trans woman.

Recalling the beginning of their relationship, Aryan says, β€œWe used to talk over phone in the initial days. Slowly, the frequency and the duration of the calls increased. Later, we realised that our way of thinking is the same about many things. After a while, I proposed to her and now we both are engaged.”

Aryan, who was working as a lawyer in Delhi, gave up his profession to build his career as body builder. He said, β€œI was always a man in my mind. It was not possible for me to marry as I had the thoughts of a man with the body of a woman. Finally, I took the decision to do what I needed the most – the surgery. Now I am as happy as any man who is about to get married.” I love Laxmi and her nature; feel privileged to be her companion.

Laxmi’s story is not typical of the experience of people from the transgender community. Though she has been subjected to embarrassing questions and curious stares, she has dealt with it with confidence. Not only that but beating all odds, she reached global platform for her community and their rights.

Laxmi says, β€œI am happy to have very supporting family, my mother taught me to be so and I followed it. Whenever, someone stared at me or asked me if I’m a man or a woman, I would smile. I would talk to them and convince them. However rudely someone behaves with you, a smile can change it. I have undergone many bitter experiences but now I know how to handle them.” Laxmi loves the fact that Aryan understands her and he can meet her expectations.

When asked about her love story with Aryan, Laxmi said, “I was married to a straight man, but I was abused physically and mentally harrassed by him, I went to brutal domestic violence.” ” Those days Aryan was my close friend , it was Aryan who helped me overcome the pain and mental trauma and stood by me in my bad phase. The chemistry between us grew and we fell for each other. He has given me solace and strength to come out of bad marriage”.

β€œYes, I agree that our wedding is uncommon and unique but this is not the first time that is happening in India. But the transgender community needs much more support from others,” says Aryan.

Aryan and Laxmi’s family knew that the wedding was on the cards. And both the families while heartedly supported their decision. Both of them are planning to have a special wedding. The wedding is expected to take place soon. Afternoon Voice wishes them happy life ahead.

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