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As an actor, you can’t keep concentrating on film’s business: Varun Dhawan

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Critical acclaim with big box collections is the recipe for a memorable film, but Varun Dhawan believes actors must steer clear of the numbers to satisfy the artiste in them.

With the “Dulhaniya” series, “Badlapur”, “Judwaa 2” and “October”, the actor is propelling to strike the balance between larger-than-life cinema and closer-to-earth films. He believes it is unfair to divide the art of storytelling.

“It’s not fair to demarcate art. It’s film business but as actors we have to stop concentrating on the business part of it (all the time). We have to concentrate on the art part of it because eventually we are not here to only do business. As an artiste, it is something totally different,” Varun told agencies in an interview.

The actor says he is aware that most of his films have turned out to be moneyspinners but he is in the movies more for the craft than the cash registers.

“Sometimes you have to let go and do these films. Try, mix-match, explore and create. I know because my films have done business and they do make money. So people sometimes don’t realise that I’m in films for the craft and I love it the most. That’s my priority.”

The 31-year-old actor will next be seen in “Sui Dhaaga: Made in India” playing Mauji, an aspirational common man on the path to self-employment.

He says the Sharat Katariya-directed feature is the right “mixture” of the two schools of films he is exploring.

Varun says going from his colourful Raja/Prem twin act in “Judwaa 2” to endearing Dan in “October” and then simple dreamer Mauji in “Sui Dhaaga”, it has been a whirlwind of different tones and emotions.

“… Where ‘Sui Dhaaga’ is concerned, the approach towards the film was definitely a mix of things that I learnt on ‘October’ and ‘Judwaa 2’.”

Varun says he could relate with the set-up of a middle-class family in the film and his character.

“I relate a bit to the fact how Mauji wants to prove, especially to his father, that he is worth something and he can be the bread-earner of this family. A lot of youngsters will relate with that because every time you want to start with something new, the people to actually put it down first will be your relatives because they want you to be safe, especially in the middle-class families.

“I think giving it back and proving that ‘Don’t do this to me even I have self-worth’ is what I found very cool. And I’ve been through something like that while growing up myself. The decisions I wanted to make or made are against the tide.”

Also featuring Anushka Sharma, “Sui Dhaaga: Made in India” releases this Friday.

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