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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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As Ganga, Yamuna level rises, water enters colonies in Prayagraj

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ganga Yamuna

The water level continued to be above the danger mark in the Ganga and Yamuna in Prayagraj, so water entered densely populated colonies in the Uttari Rajapur area on Friday night. It left the residents searching for shelter, despite the rescue mission getting underway. 

The probability of inundation was feared after water was released from the Chambal Betwa Ken into the Yamuna river and from Uttarakhand into the Ganga river. Due to this, the water levels in both rivers have gone above the danger mark.

 National Disaster Response Force has started the rescue mission in the affected areas. It is providing relief materials and also relocating the affected people. The affected people were not ready when suddenly water started entering their houses on Friday night. 

“We didn’t even know when suddenly water entered our houses, we don’t know where to go, but the rescue team is helping us,” said the affected people.

Brajesh Kumar Tiwari, the NDRF officer also said that the water level is expected to rise in the coming days.

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