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ASEAN can utilise India’s telecom expertise: Manoj Sinha

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India’s expertise in taking affordable technologies to remote corners can be leveraged by ASEAN countries in their rollout of digital connectivity initiatives, Union Minister Manoj Sinha said.

“We look forward to being your preferred partner in your digital connectivity initiatives…I can assure you, we will do whatever is required, for Indian products and services to become the first choice for your telecom needs,” he said at a gathering of telecom representatives from ASEAN countries organised by Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC).

Citing flagship programs such as Digital India, Make in India and Bharat Net broadband project, the Minister of Communications said, “…the experience of taking technology to remote corners at affordable price, can be leveraged by you to provide cost-effective communications solutions in your home countries… with our experience and expertise it will be easy for you to achieve targets,” he said.

The minister further pointed out that as announced earlier, India is also willing to provide long term financing to Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) members for buying Indian products and services.

“Mobile technology, products and services from India come with best security, and high quality…you can rely on Indian telecom products,” he said.

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