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Aus issues health warnings as heatwave tipped to hit southeast

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heatwave-tippedAustralian authorities have issued health warnings as a scorching heatwave starts to move from the country’s western region into south-east. Authorities have warned that temperatures would be in the 40s throughout the week and old and very young ones could be at a higher risk of getting sick, the ABC news reported.

The risk of fire in many areas will also be extreme, the report said. According to Bureau of Meteorology’s Alisdair Hainsworth, western Australia has just ended a sweltering week, with temperatures of up to 48 degrees. “That really extreme heat is now moving eastwards and is expected to move into South Australia and north-west Victoria over the next 24 to 48 hours,” he said.

Meanwhile, at least 44 homes were reportedly destroyed following bushfire in the Perth Hills area of Western Australia. One casualty was also reported.

Fire authorities were able to contain a fire in Parkerville whch burned over 650 hectares.

The fire started on yesterday morning in Parkerville and moved rapidly to surrounding areas, including Stoneville and Mount Helena, aided by strong winds and high temperatures.

Russell Jones from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) said?residents will find out today if their homes have been destroyed.

Authorities have confirmed at least 40 homes in Stoneville and another four houses in Parkerville have been damaged.

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