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Azam Khan calls Modi’s aide Amit Shah a ‘goon’

There seems to be no end to the name game in the political parties even on the first day of voting for the Lok Sabha elections. Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has now called BJP’s Uttar Pradesh in-charge Amit Shah a ‘goon’. Khan said, “Amit Shah is a gunda. It is unfortunate to have to refer to someone as a gunda but what else can you call someone who is a killer?”

The remarks came in the backdrop of Shah, who is BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s close aide, asking people to vote for the BJP to take revenge. While addressing a rally at a Jat village near the riot-hit Muzaffanagar, Shah had said, “If you want to take revenge you should vote for the BJP. You can no longer resolve a matter with swords and arrows. Today you can take revenge by voting for the BJP.”

He had said, “Justice is not being done to the people and it’s time to take revenge. It was during the Mughal rule that swords and arrows were used to take revenge. But now you have to vote to take revenge. Press the right button to show them their right place.”

Earlier in the day, sources said that the Election Commission will issue a notice to Shah asking him to explain his comments on revenge. Shah is already facing two FIRs over his remarks. The BJP had condemned the action of Bijnore district administration, saying the FIR was “not bonafide” and that it was a “calculated design” to communalise and polarise the election scenario in UP.

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