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Baahubali 2 features Harish Rawat, Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah

As the political parties are gearing up for the assembly election in Uttarakhand and indulging in pleasing people with their manifestos and promises, a video has surfaced on social media showing Chief Minister Harish Rawat as ‘Baahubali’, a fictional character in the movie of the same name that released in the year 2015. The video claims that Harish Rawat is the better choice as CM for the state.

Mr. Rawat, 69, has multi-pack abs and muscular shoulders strong enough to “carry” Uttarakhand – shown as a 3d cut-out – in the video that calls him the savior of the hill state.
There are bit appearances by PM Modi and Amit Shah, their faces morphed onto characters who appear to be gazing at “Baahubali” with wonder.

The one and half minute long video, which went viral on Facebook, shows Harish Rawat as Baahubali saving his state, as Modi and Shah watch on. This clip has come even as Uttarakhand gears up for Assembly polls that are due in February.

CM Rawat, like Baahubali uprooting and holding the gigantic Shiva Lingam, holds the weight of Uttarakhand on his shoulders as he projects himself as the ‘saviour’.

Uploaded by UP/UK live page on Facebook, the clipping has been viewed more than 260,000 times and shared over 5,800 times.

Rawat, however, has said that he has got nothing to do with the video which also showcases party’s symbol in some shots but the video in the last two days has been viewed by more than two lakh times and has been shared 5,000 times.

The state will go to polls on February 15 and it can be seen as the direct fight between the BJP and Congress. In the last election, the Congress had won 32 seats against the BJP’s 31, but the latter formed the government with the help of independent members.

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