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Balutedars demand reservation, call to revoke amendment of Article 366

The country is made up of only Bara Balutedars and 18 Talutedars. Currently, however, these Bara Balutedars have been thrown out of the perimeter of the stream.

Haribhau Rathod, Bara Balutedars, Balutedars, OBCLeader of OBC Bhatakya Vimukta and ex-Congress MLC, Haribhau Rathod has called for the cancellation of the amendment in the constitution that deprives the states of reservation rights. “The Central Government has made a mistake while amending a constitution. While amending Article 366 of the Constitution, the Centre has deprived the state of the right to grant reservation by deleting Article 26C. Therefore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should immediately remove Article 26C by an ordinance,” said the senior leader who has worked extensively for the betterment of Dalits. His grouse is that the amendment takes away the state government’s authority to give reservation to the Maratha community.

“The reservation of the Maratha community has been completely threatened as the state has been deprived of the right to give reservation to a caste as per the Constitution Amendment Act 102. Although we have repeatedly brought this issue to the notice of the people, the government, expert lawyers, as well as the leaders of the Maratha community, this matter has been completely ignored. We need to put this on priority, otherwise the reservation of the Maratha community will be permanently deprived in the coming 27th hearing,” said the OBC Bhatakya Vimukta leader at a press conference where he demanded reservation for the Bara Balutedars.

Prakash Sonawane, State President of Bhatke Vimukta Backward Classes Federation, Appasaheb Bhalerao, Thane President Ramdas Rathod were also present at the meet. With the insertion of Article 342 (a) and Article 366 (26C) of the Constitution, the powers of the State have been automatically revoked. All reservations will now need the sanction of the Parliament. This means the law has to be passed by passing the bill. Many are asking for the powerto be given back to the states. The issue will come up at the Supreme Court on October 27 while discussing the lifting of moratorium on Maratha reservation.

The country is made up of only Bara Balutedars and 18 Talutedars. Currently, however, these Bara Balutedars have been thrown out of the perimeter of the stream. The members of the community are demanding reservations to get back into the mainstream. “The Bara Balutedars should be given a separate 4 per cent reservation. Also, the three parties in the Mahavikas Aghadi should give representation to the Balutdars. The Governor-appointed MLAs will be selected soon. In it, these three parties should give one candidate each to Balutedar,” said Rathod.

To this, Arvind Sawant, Shiv Sena leader and member of the Lok Sabha said, “We ask people to cast their vote but not to vote for the caste, Mahavikas Aghadi is here to serve commoners and all the people of Maharashtra irrespective of any particular caste. All the people of Maharashtra are equally important for Shiv Sena. Each community wants their representation in the legislature. Common man’s welfare and state development is our priority.”

BJP’s Girish Bapat, Member of Parliament said, “In Vanchit and OBC Bhatakya Vimukta there are many castes, there should be one united representation. How can each caste and community make demands, and those be addressed individually? Instead of making such unreasonable demands they should ask for the overall development of some welfare schemes. Already all the sects have there is huge representation in the legislature, these caste and creed issues should be settled within themselves.

Madhav Bhandari, Chief Spokesperson of Bhartiya Janata Party, said, “The twelve Balutedars is not some different community, they are part and parcel of entire society such as Maratha, Shipmi,Sonar, Kunbi, and they cover each and every part of society. There is no different category as twelve Balutedars in particular; this demand itself is very illogical and absurd.”

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