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Being an actor a torture for skin: Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee-Pannu“Baby” actress Taapsee Pannu, who has signed up an endorsement deal with skincare brand Everyuth, says the acting profession is a “torture” on one’s skin — but with a mix of right food and liquid intake, she keeps herself glowing.

Being in showbiz can have adverse effects on one’s skin.

Asked how she manages to keep her skin glowing, Taapsee told IANS: “It’s almost like a torture for the skin to be in this profession. I just make sure my skin is well-hydrated, and I drink a lot of water to keep it healthy from the inside. I also avoid as much fried oily food as I can — in summer especially.”

Her association with Everyuth is her first beauty endorsement.

“I have always been extremely careful of the brands and products I am associating my name with, so it’s the first and the only skincare brand I am associated with as of now,” added the 27-year-old, who prefers to endorse brands and products “which people of my age group fancy”.

The debate on fairness creams and their publicity continues to attract attention. What is your take — should celebrities promote the concept of fairness creams?

“I myself am not really inclined towards fairness products. To get a glow is a different thing, which the product I endorse does, but fairness is not proportional to being beautiful,” she said.

Talking about the importance of endorsements in an actor’s career, she said: “It is important. Because the commercials run on TV much more than what our movies or interviews do. So, it’s important for our visibility that we take up endorsements.

“Also it helps knowing and building our target audience according to what products we endorse.”

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