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Bhilai’s ‘four idiots’ use bulls to produce power!

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In a rare innovation, four engineers are using bulls to generate electricity in a village in Bhilai district.
They have named their project ‘Animal powered mechanical device for home lighting, home cooking and irrigation’.
All four who belong to farmer families, came up with this interesting concept to make the lives of other villagers easy.
This animal powered device works with the use of turbines. Turbines are attached to the bulls after which the animals are made to walk in circles. It helps the turbine move which in turn generates electricity.
For every one hour that the bulls work, houses will get five hours of electricity.
The innovators are three students from Shankaracharya Engineering College and the fourth is a Professor in the Mechanical branch of the institute.
The project costed them money equal to that of a farmer’s one years’ electricity bill.
They had been working on the project for the last three years during which they tasted defeat innumerable times. However, they made breakthrough only last month.

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