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Biased Ambedkar bargains on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is always a target by some or the other leftists. In the recent past, Prakash Ambedkar demanded Congress to come up with an “agenda” to “rein in the RSS” before seat-sharing talks could take place between the two parties. He emphasised that the Congress must come with an outline to ensure that the RSS is brought within the “ambit” of the Indian Constitution. He is not the one to see the RSS as a threat. Generally, the people who hate the RSS are either brainwashed by anti-RSS propaganda, or they are facing hurdles in their proscribed profits due to the organisation. The RSS is not against any religion; however, their main objective is “Selfless Service to the Nation” and “Struggle for Hindu Existence” (Hindutva) — as the organisation mentioned about itself in its website. The RSS can be a threat to those who have irreligious beguile in hand (mainly those who have appeasement politics as an agenda). If the RSS is wrong in supporting Hindu, then Ambedkar is also equally wrong in supporting the only Dalit or minorities. Why can’t he stand by the oppressed Brahmins or upper cast citizen of the country, why selective only minorities or Dalits? It goes with the other leftists; they are hardcore haters of one particular community, in a way the politics of this country itself is biased. In India, many individuals criticises the RSS to prove themselves to be Secular and Congress is a political party, who cannot spare any chance to create and maintain their vote bank. Even if you look at the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, they do not have any wrathful agenda. So, they are aiming the RSS because it is a fact that the Modi government is supported by the RSS and also the RSS helped the BJP to win the 2014 election and it will help them in 2019 too. Above all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the RSS background. Many other leaders from the BJP also have the RSS background like Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, Devendra Fadnavis, and many others.

When Rahul Gandhi and Congress delivered speeches against the RSS, directly or indirectly they targeted Modi and the incumbent government’s ideology. In India, most of the population believed that the RSS is an extremist Hindu organisation and to polarise the Muslim voters, it is necessary for Congress to criticise the RSS. Nathuram Godse assassinated Gandhi and people claimed that he killed Gandhi according to the RSS agenda and the Congress plays the sympathy card. The fact is that some of the Hindu fanatics might be worshipping Godse, but largely people also worship Kashmir militants like Afzal Guru.

If we look at the recent Bhima-Koregaon issues, Prakash Ambedkar and his group were equally violent and provocative. What are Prakash Ambedkar’s contributions to his community, people, and their welfare? What had he done for this nation so far? What is his individual credibility other than being the grandson of Babasaheb Ambedkar? If you really scratch your brains to count his achievements as a leader, I am sure that you will not find anything concrete. Just attacking a particular community and organisation is not enough to serve this nation and its people.

The whole world knows about what Culture and Heritage the Hinduism contains. Infusing the Hindus with nationality, however, nationality doesn’t only mean patriotism to India means holding up the true India (Bharat) and not what the British had explained in their journals or documents. The British described Bharatiyas as a bunch of Snake Charmers and Hooligans. The RSS emphasises on bringing out the past glory of Bharat by removing the caste discrimination among the Hindus — “Ek Kuan, Ek Samshan” (One Well, One Cremation Ground) which will let all the Hindus come together irrespective of their caste and creed. Many RSS members are from that community who were treated as untouchables. A Brahmin RSS member takes orders from a so-called Dalit RSS member. Their Hindutva doesn’t prevent the Muslims from doing Namaz (or performing their religious practices) or stop Christians from celebrating Christmas (or their religious beliefs). Hindutva doesn’t mean that you have to be against other religions. However, RSS itself supported the meat ban on Paryushan (a Jain festival). Does that seem like it’s not working on the ideologies of Hindutva?

The RSS is hated the most because of their founding fathers who come from the most conservative Brahmin castes, with enormous faith in the culture that empowered them. People hate the RSS because the policies of this organisation are commonly misunderstood with extreme Hindu outfits like Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal, or Shiv Sena. However, the RSS has entirely different patriotic views, which are very influential for becoming a responsible citizen of India. Maybe, this is the reason, that from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to many other Congress leaders once were the RSS members. In the recent past, the narratives have changed. I personally respect all the religion and never feel bad about others’ beliefs. However, when I was a small kid, my father used to teach us the Vedas and the meanings of its verses by connecting them to our daily lives and activities, the accomplishment of moral values for the welfare of the society in regard to our personal moral welfare. For example, in Atharvaveda, dedication towards one’s profession with seriousness is mentioned; we know that we are serious in our profession in order to benefit the society and in return to receive wages which runs our livelihood and if one fails to perform it seriously, then how the entire society gets affected in a series of chain and perpetuates in the rise of problems which cause social disharmony and ultimately results in a corrupt and lousy atmosphere which torment gradually all the members of the society.

Likewise, one needs to be serious towards the welfare of our Motherland; how to prevent corruption and how to take steps towards making a prospered society. At last, I would like to conclude saying that I really found the RSS to be very influential in inculcating patriotism and becoming a responsible member of the society. One should not confuse the RSS with the Bajrang Dal, VHP or Sri Ram Sena types of organisations. The RSS is entirely a separate group with unique patriotic objective, decent ideologies, and thoughts! It aims at the unity of the nation, and on the other hand, the Bajrang Dal, VHP, and Shiv Sena are more like political groups, which have more biased political propaganda that can’t be trusted due to the influence of the political people. I am not advocating the RSS for its wrongs but trying to expose the political agendas and the politicians, who have their own schemes. However, while colouring these patterns, they find an organisation like the RSS a threat, their rival is BJP, and Modi as a political entity, they should focus on their opponents rather than the organisations supporting them.

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