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BJP going barbaric on every issue

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Ujiyarpur Nityanand Rai AVlead

With a sharp fling back response to Bharatiya Janata Party’s Bihar president and MP from Ujiyarpur Nityanand Rai’s controversial remark ‘to chop off the fingers and hands of people who voice criticism against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’, Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Rabri Devi hit back adding ‘there are many in Bihar who will slit Modi’s neck and chop his hands’. Soon after Rai’s address to a summit of the OBC communities of Vaishya and Kanu in Patna on Monday, widespread condemnation started that pushed him to apologise and calling it a ‘colloquial idiomatic expression in Hindi’.

This is one of the myriad instances in recent times when India’s ruling party has shown their violent front making distasteful comments. Adding to the list, BJP has again made their strict Hindu extremism evident in Balia, Uttar Pradesh when the police asked a Muslim woman in Adityanath’s rally to remove her burqa. As agencies report, police were instructed to keep an eye that no one shows black cloth to UP CM. The video went viral. It shows three policewomen approaching a burqa-clad woman and the woman is seen taking it off after a fleeting dispute. On the same line this video too was criticised by many and created uproar on social media.

And the queue doesn’t end here. The impatient, aggressive and threatening image of BJP grabbed the focus with Haryana BJP leader Surajpal Singh Amu allegedly announcing Rs 10 crore reward to anyone beheading Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and actor Deepika Padukone for improperly depicting characters in upcoming magnum opus ‘Padmavati’. Surajpal Singh Amu also went on to threaten Ranveer Singh to “break the legs”, who plays the role of Alauddin Khilji, the Delhi Sultan obsessed about the legendary 13th Century Queen of Chittor.

Sunil Shinde AVSunil Shinde, Shiv Sena MLA said, “Those people, who have come to the power by speaking about democracy, are now working against it. If they are following anti-democratic policies then people will definitely oppose it and the BJP government will receive a befitting reply. When columnist Sudheendra Kulkarni had organised a book launch event of Pakistan’s former foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, Shiv Sena had opposed it and smeared Kulkarni’s face with black ink.”

ATUL BHATKAR AVAtul Bhatkhalkar, BJP MLA said, “I condemn the statements made by BJP leader and the party had taken action against those who had made controversial statements in Haryana. People should not resort to violent activities by raking up the Padmavati film issue. This is not the first time a BJP leader has made a controversial statement but often media goes ahead and publish such news.”

Priya Dutt AVPriya Dutt, former Congress MP said, “Such violent statements are distasteful and unwelcomed at any cost. Whatever is happening now, India has never experienced before. Such terrorizing comments are never accepted in a democratic country like India. As a primary charge, police should immediately arrest any person making anti-democratic remark.”

Bindu AVBindu Bhosale, chairperson of NGO Mahaan Shakti said, “Delivering such aggressive comments on any issue is a toxic practise. If people think all these come under their freedom of speech, they are wrong. Our constitution has already framed the rules and these incidents are nothing but abusing the Indian constitution. BJP is trying to kill the democracy. These leaders are getting encouraged from the very center of the party; it is visible when a BJP leader asked his people to behead an actress and announce a reward for the same. Our constitution teaches us to equally respect every community and every Indian citizen.”

Jyoti AVJyoti Badekar , Janata Dal (S) Mumbai General Secretary said, “I protest all the statements issued by so called Hindutva Wadi Organisations against Deepika Padukone. They threatened to cut her nose which is nothing but dictatorship as we are living in a democratic country. Unfortunately, current government also failed to take action against such people who do not follow the principle of democracy.”

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