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BJP ignored Rohingya Muslims?

Rohingya Muslims’ population has increased from 10,000 to 40,000 in the country during the reign of the BJP government. Out of these just over 14,000 are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Why the BJP government which has been known for following hardcore Hindutva agenda failed to take action against Rohingya Muslims? Why is the government going soft on them? When north Indians used to migrate to Mumbai, huge uproar used to be raised by Shiv Sena but why its ally BJP is remaining silent when Rohingya Muslims are relocating to the city and other parts of the countries in large numbers?

Earlier Sena had alleged the Rohingya Muslim community posing a “threat to the integrity and security” of Myanmar and urged the government to take stringent action against them. The party through its editorial mouthpiece Saamna had criticised some sections of Muslim community for holding demonstrations for protesting atrocities committed against Rohingya Muslims. It also added that some secular parties are trying to shield those refugees.

Shiv Sena MLA, Sunil Shinde said, “Many times, India has proved herself to be very generous. It has always supported the refugees from neighbourhood countries. Muslim countries are not supporting the Rohingya Muslim refugees but India has opened the door for them. However, refugees should follow Indian rule and regulations and should accept the culture. Rohingya refugees feel safe in India. If they’re feeling secure here there’s no fear of riots. But government should be very careful in offering shelter to deserving people.”

Majeed Memon, veteran criminal lawyer and NCP leader said, “We would urge the union Home Minister to reconsider government’s stand towards Rohingya refugees on humanitarian grounds. If intelligence feedback hints at security problem, it may not apply to all refugees in distress. Before, we are termed as indifferent to human call, we need to revisit the issue.”

Huzaifa Electricwala, President, Muslim Yuva Manch said, “We don’t have any expectations from the Indian government. All secular forces together will approach Myanmar embassy and build pressure to stop the nonsense and we condemn the inhuman act. Our organisation has forwarded appreciation letters to the ambassadors of Turkey and Iran for soliciting their support. Mamata Banerjee should be lauded for being true secular. We request intellectuals, business houses, film personalities and secular minded persons to come forward and raise the voice in front of the international community.”

Raj Purohit, BJP MLA said, “It’s unfortunate that large number of Bangladeshi immigrants are infiltrating into the country and constructing slums. Locals are supporting them as they manage to procure important documents like ration card. They can easily manage to enter India due to the presence of porous border. If infiltrators are not stopped at the border then they will also arrive in Mumbai and earn their livelihood.”

“Rohingya Muslims are connected with terrorist outfits. If they are a threat to Myanmar then they can also become a threat to our country. Even Bangladesh and Indonesia are unwilling to accommodate them. They should be deported to Bangladesh. Political parties like AIMIM, TMC and Samajwadi Party are viewing them as vote bank hence they are following politics of appeasement. Action must be taken against these political parties,” he added.

Rohingyas had illegally entered inside India but they refrained from staying close to Myanmar borders. Their camps are situated in various states like West Bengal, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. As per estimates of the Jammu & Kashmir around 5,700 Rohingya Muslims are residing in and around Jammu. As per reports, Rohingyas don’t possess any documents to prove their ancestors had resided in Myanmar prior to 1948.

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