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BJP is winning 2019 Assembly elections

Voting for the assembly polls in Maharashtra and Haryana went well, where the BJP is seeking a second term in power and hopes for an easy victory. The Congress, yet to recover from its rout in the Lok Sabha elections, is in a shambles in both states – battling factionalism, rebellion and defections. Its ally in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party, is struggling too. For Maharashtra’s 288 seats, the BJP is continuing its alliance with Shiv Sena, despite their insecure relationship over the last five years. In Maharashtra people chose to vote only two options, one BJP another Shiv Sena. Options before the voters were, stable Government with a leader who is capable of taking decisions. Uttar Pradesh has a mini assembly election of sorts, with by polls on 11 seats. Bypolls are being held in 53 seats across 17 states and one Union Territory. The counting of votes will take place on 24th of this month.

Complaints of faulty EVM and VVPAT machines were reported in from different parts of Maharashtra. Most of them have been from Ratnagiri and Bhandara districts. In the latest incident being reported from Chikli in Buldhana, the EVM machines stopped working from 1pm following which there was long queue outside Booth no 196 in Chikli. Polling in Ratnagiri’s Dhamangaon village was stopped for nearly 2 hours due to EVM malfunctioning. Similarly in Worli, where Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray contested there was brief stoppage of polling in one of the booths due to an EVM glitch. Meanwhile, Congress and some other political parties have sent 187 complaints to EC. However, officials say the complaints were exaggerated and that the glitches have been rectified soon. Since BJP won with majority the EVM is in debate.

It is insulting to genuine voters like us if people say BJP will win with the help of EVM. Opposition guarded the strong rooms also. Insisted on taking out the boxes and checking the seal. 24 hours they guarded the EVMs during Lok sabha. Still they blame the EVM. They are not able to digest that voters have given up on the family. An overwhelming majority of the Indian electorate is considering Modi as the great leader and that’s why he and his BJP is getting elected and re-elected again and again. BJP’s election strategists left no stone unturned to campaign for Modi and Party. Ahead of election, even the celebrities were invited to participate in a programmes on Mahatma Gandhi where PM was the host. They clicked selfies and various pictures with him that went viral. The fan following of heroes and heroins translate such association as endorsements to vote Modi or BJP. Meeting people to announcing various schemes and perfect campaigning and hammering by Modi mouthpiece media added to party’s win. NO political entity or party ever had such strong support of media in entire history of Independence.

2019 elections were very crucial for every body. Congress in their tenure was a corrupt government with its entire minister’s involved in scams. With Anna agitation, Congress got dismantled and country saw rise of a Modi. Modi wave took over the country like euphoria and every single soul was expecting change.

But after Modi’s taking over some started attacking him, because they felt that nothing really changed on ground. Demonetisation was like a surgical strike for small businesses and common people who were made to queue for days together to get the money exchanged or deposited. Small businesses, which thrived on cash, crumbled under pressure with the result lots of job cuts were there. The government and the people grappled with this unplanned and unprepared decision. Then licensing of more than 11 lakh companies were cancelled as the PM thought that every company was involved in money laundering without taking cognizance of the company owned by Amit Shahs son whose turnover increased from 5k to 80 crore in just one year. GST was another blow to the business. Tax on food items were increased to 28 percent. No jobs, no cleanliness, no smart cities and nothing much changed in common man’s life.

Modi’s experiments with economy failed miserably in getting the GDP down by 2 per cent. To save this country from economic catastrophe, change is again important. A political party that can take out India from the economic mess to the real development is need of an hour. In 2014, the aim was to remove a corrupt government. They never came out of their shell after Anna agitation. The ministers themselves knew that they had lost the moral legitimacy and that was reflected in their work and conduct post 2012. This time, the important issue is to deal with an unresponsive and careless government. Whether it is demonetisation, GST or many times police firing on people, the government was completely absent once the decision was made. They were active on TV but not on ground. Let’s see Modi at Centre and Devendra in state both ruling for second term may bring some change by fulfilling their election promises.

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