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BJP understood its mistake

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Sena attacks BJP and praises the erstwhile UPA government led by Congress for taking the nation forward.

Uddhav Thackeray AV

Shiv Sena which is threatening to quit the Fadnavis government has sharpened its attack on BJP and said that they can’t become devotees of Shivaji Maharaj by merely performing ‘jal pujan’ for his memorial. Sena is unhappy with BJP for trying to hijack the Shivaji memorial agenda for political benefits. Of late the relation between Sena and BJP had strained over seat sharing issues as both parties are involved in a blame game. Sena praised the erstwhile UPA government led by Congress for taking the nation forward.

Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray said, “Our party won’t have an alliance with BJP after BMC polls. BJP has understood its mistake and is eyeing reconciliation.”

Sena praised former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who sacrificed her life for the nation. It also lauded the efforts of Rajiv Gandhi for bringing transparency in governance and introduction of computers in India. Sena appreciated the contribution of former Prime Ministers P.V Narsimha Rao and Manmohan Singh for liberalisation of Indian economy.

“(BJP President) Amit Shah says it is a friendly match between them (in BMC polls). It only means that they have realised their mistake. They have understood that they have taken wrong steps and it will be difficult for them to fight the anger of Mumbaikars. Thus, they are now trying to get back to us,” Thackeray said.

When asked whether Shiv Sena will withdraw support to the BJP led government in Maharashtra, Uddhav replied, “I will have to think about it. If they are thinking of dividing the state by unscrupulous means, I will have to seriously think about giving them support.”

Sena took a swipe at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic policy and his personal public relationship machinery which it claimed painted anyone who opposed these policies as being anti-national. The party praised Indira Gandhi who taught Pakistan a lesson in the 1971 war, never displayed a “hypocritical stand” on anti-nationals, did not trouble the poor by demonetising currency notes and was thus nicknamed ‘Durga’ by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It added that Indira had nationalised banks, made better the nation’s economy, gunned down Khalistani terrorists and gave the message that India will not bend before terrorists

Shiv Sena is planning to contest Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) singlehandedly after it failed to arrive at a consensus with BJP over seat sharing issues. If Sena quits the government, the BJP will need 10 seats to keep afloat in the House. Sena has 75 corporators in the 227-member BMC, while the BJP has 31. BJP strategists believe if the Shiv Sena crosses the 90 mark and the BJP fails to reach the 50 figure, the former will quit the government.

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