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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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BJP’s verbal boasting won’t yield results

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Devendra Fadnavis Lead, Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of MaharashtraChief Minister Devendra Fadnavis might be keen to replicate the Pune district model of “Zero Pendency” system to settle pending cases in other regions of Maharashtra but the government lacks roadmap to achieve the same. The Fadnavis government had made several announcements like offering loan waiver to distressed farmers, providing compensation to those farmers who had died by inhaling poisonous pesticides and taking action against those found defecating in the open. However, the government is yet to implement these initiatives at the ground level.

Thus, Fadnavis government too is following the footsteps of Modi government at the centre which has been giving false assurances to people like controlling inflation, addressing unemployment problem, malnutrition deaths etc. but no results are visible at ground level. The government also received flak for its inept handling of the Maratha reservation issue. The bureaucratic functioning of the state government further delays the work as it takes several months to clear pending files from one department to the other. Often CM Fadnavis has expressed concern about the failure of the bureaucracy to cooperate with the government. Therefore, it is becoming difficult for the government to implement new policies. The government will complete three years but people are already running out of patience due to slow paced implementation of policies.

Mahesh Landge, BJP MLA said, “Zero Pendency” system can be implemented in other districts if the administration makes proper planning. You have to make such a mechanism where the common man need not visit the government office repeatedly for getting their work done. Citizens should not undergo mental harassment and their grievance should be addressed. Even bureaucrats must discharge their duties amicably and cooperate with citizens. Strict action must be taken against agriculture officers for the 18 deaths of farmers due to poisonous pesticide.”

Rajendra Najardhane, BJP MLA said, “Sadabhau Khot had visited the spot and he has announced compensation of Rs two lakhs for the victims. A complaint has been filed against agricultural officials. Even farmers are facing hardships but government is understanding the concerns faced by them. FIR has been lodged against five agricultural seed outlets. Action will be taken against the agriculture officials and nobody will be spared. It is possible to implement the Zero Pendency system in other districts also and government has a mechanism for it.”

Sada Sarvankar, Shiv Sena MLA said, “CM Fadnavis makes too many announcements but he fails to implement them. Since I reside in metropolitan area hence, I lack information about rural areas.”

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