Monday, November 29, 2021
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Black day in history of country, says Jagan Reddy

jaganSlamming the way the contentious Telangana Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, YRS Congress leader Jaganmohan Reddy said on Tuesday that it was a ‘black day’ in the history of the country.

Talking to the media in the national capital, Reddy said that the bill was passed undemocratically. “We were not let in the House. The bill was passed undemocratically.”

“The way the proceedings took place, it showed as to how democracy could be killed. This is a black day in the history of the country,” he added.

He also said that the YSR Congress was planning a bandh in Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan Reddy’s YSR Congress is against the creation of a separate state of Telangana and has been protesting for a united Andhra Pradesh.

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