Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Bodies of 4 teenagers found off Arnala coast

Bodies of four youngsters who drowned off the popular Arnala beach near here were found today, police said.

Arnala beach-AV
The boys, who were on picnic to Rajodi beach along Arnala coast in Vasai area, were pulled into the sea during a high tide yesterday.

Sunny Palav, 15, Sachin Vishwakarma, 16, Rohan Jadhav, 17, and Chetan Kalap, 19, all Nalasopara residents, were playing in the water when the tide got strong.

One of them got pulled in the deep water and the other three tried to save him but all of them drowned, an officer from the Arnala police station said.

Three other boys in the group were saved by the local people as they were standing close to the shore.

The beach had a lifeguard and locals had warned the boys against going into the water during the high tide, police said.

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