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Business-politicsMerchandise of Congress, BJP and AAP has become an instant hit among people.

Businessmen and online retailing firms are cashing in on the Lok Sabha election fever. They are selling various products like flags, pen, party caps, neck scarf, party badge with names of the party symbol printed on it. Merchandise of Congress, BJP and AAP are selling like hot cakes on e-commerce websites like Most of these products are available for 10$. Since the Lok Sabha election is just round the corner, there has been huge demand for Modi’s face mask and tea cup.

The following slogans are printed on T-shirts: India needs Modi-fications. AAP jaisa koi meri Dilli me aaye, toh baat ban jaye. Be the change you want to see. Har hath shakthi, har hath tarakki. Businessmen are keen to cash in on the popularity of Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal. They have started selling wall clocks, cushion covers, coffee mugs, posters, coasters, note books, laptop skins, mouse pads, T-shirts and such other merchandise with political pictures and messages. This time Modi has emerged as the most popular leader as his merchandise is selling more in comparison to his opponents.

There are BJP and Congress bindis which looks almost identical as either lotus or hand is printed on it. BJP and Congress mangalsutras, jholas, projector pens, laptop and mobile stickers are selling in the poll season. Most buyers, in the age group of 18-40, are professionals, upwardly mobile, and Internet-savvy

BJP tops the sales charts, followed by AAP, but AAP sales took a hit after Kejriwal resigned as Delhi chief minister. The sites also provide a platform for fan messages
Vishal Sharma owner of an online retail store says, “We have observed that both AAP and NaMo are a huge hit. AAP designs reflect on a corruption-free India and involvement of the common man in politics. For NaMo, it is an agenda of development and social prosperity.”

Both AAP and BJP are exploring new technologies to connect with the voters. On the other hand, Congress has lagged behind these parties and has been adopting the traditional mode of campaigning. AAP is communicating with its fan base on the Net and is even getting donations online.

“My store has been witnessing huge footfalls during the election season. People have been visiting my shop to purchase the merchandise of BJP in large numbers. The products are not expensive and can be purchased by middle and lower middle class people.”

On the other hand women voters have been expressing their support for BJP by purchasing bangles, hair clips, umbrellas, jholas and mangalsutras.

Ramesh Shah a business man from Borivali said, “I am Narendra Modi’s fan. I have visited Gujarat several times and found that he has been responsible for the state’s development. I am following his speeches and also support his agenda.”

Vishal Sodi a FY BSc student from Kandivali said, “Nowadays youth are more aware about the political incidents happening in the country. They want change and will definitely come forward to cast their votes. I will be purchasing Modi’s caps and endorse my support for him.”

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