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CCTV footage reveals model wanted to tarnish DIG Paraskar’s image

In a dramatic twist in the rape case against Mumbai DIG Sunil Paraskar, the CCTV footage of a meeting between the model and her former lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui suggested that the model wanted to tarnish the DIG’s image and gain publicity to enter a reality television show.

Rizwan Siddiqui said, “My client did not tell me anything about rape. She just wanted publicity.”

The 26-year-old model, however, said that Paraskar has been selectively leaking evidence and trying to influence the case. She said, “Rizwan has tampered with my case. He was in touch with Paraskar and his lawyer more than he was in touch with me.”

The rift between model and her lawyer was also evident in the complaint letter she submitted to the Malwani Police. She has also claimed that she was being bribed.

She said, “He had called me and conveyed to me that if I am ready to take money then they are ready to pay and settle the case.”

“A press reporter is also working on the behest of Paraskar. What kind of publicity will I get out of such a serious case of rape? They even tried putting pressure on me through the Shiv Sena but I have not given up,” the model added.

As per the model’s complaint, Paraskar was booked under Section 376 (2) (rape by a police officer), Section 376 (C) (intercourse by superintendent of jail, remand home, etc) and Section 354 (D) (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code, at the Malwani police station on July 23.

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