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Center vs AAP over freebie: Betrayal of citizen’s trust in elections

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Modi and Arvind Kejariwal
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Last month Narendra Modi in his speech stated that no government can do any good to the nation by giving ‘Revdi’ (Freebies). Following the statement, there was uproar among the opposition. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is hearing PIL on “irrational subsidies,” which calls for an objective assessment of the problem. Kejriwal alleged that the Centre had mismanaged its resources to the point where even public health and education services have become expensive.

The AAP launched the “Yogi Opposes Modi” social media campaign last Wednesday, mocking the PM by contrasting his comments on “revdi” with the UP CM’s declaration. A programme providing free bus rides for women in Delhi was introduced by the Kejriwal administration in 2019.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, and the Delhi Chief Minister, is taking a lead in formulating a response to the PM’s argument at the same time as the AAP has filed a PIL to oppose the petition with Supreme Court.

When spoke to Dhananjay Shinde leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, he told Afternoon Voice that, “Every citizen has the right to live with dignity as per the constitution. Dignified life means getting basic needs like Water, electricity, education, and healthcare. In case, if a citizen is unable to afford the same then it is the government’s responsibility to fulfil the basic needs of its citizens. Unfortunately, no political parties follow the norm and they are going the capitalist model. In the last five years, PM Modi waived off a total of Rs 11 Lakh crore loan. Arvind Kejariwal runs a guanine government to serve the people. Since 2014, Modi made many promises like Rs 15 Lakh in every citizen’s account, Creating 2 crore jobs every year and bringing back black money. He also promised in 2017 to double the farmer’s income by 2022. Modi is making fool of people. In Delhi, Arvind Kejariwal government is providing subsidies to the people and still in profit.”

The Supreme Court on Thursday declared that freebies and social welfare programmes are two different things and that balance must be maintained between the economy and welfare programmes.

Council’s Deputy Chairperson and leader of Shiv Sena, Neelam Gorhe said, “If it is for collective welfare schemes like adding more food grains to the ration or the medicines that should be provided everywhere. Improving the life of people is fair enough and every citizen has the right to live a good life. Whether it is water, food, electricity, education and healthcare that is people’s constitutional right. As Narendra Modi states “we are giving free Revdi”, who is giving free revdi? If it is done on an individual level then yes but if we are providing it to everyone it is the responsibility of political parties to provide so.”

Sachin Sawant head of Mumbai Unit from INC told to Afternoon Voice, “The BJP party and Modi government who is using the term freebie are the ones who use these freebies to promote themselves for more than 2 decades. What they promise never fulfil, they are just making fools of people. On other hand, Modi says they have distributed free food worth Rs 80 crore in the Nation. The term they are using is the freebie is not a freebie is every citizen’s right. “

Fauzia Khan MP from NCP told to Afternoon Voice, “In front of government there are bigger challenges that need to be addressed. For example in some sectors, some people are dying because of hunger and it’s the government’s responsibility to save them. On other hand, we are breeding lazy culture. Who is not deserving is also getting fed for free. Instead of giving it for free, our government should start an employment scheme where everyone does hard work and feed themselves. But Governments making promises that they cannot fulfil and taking populist decisions which are not good sadly every government doing this including state and centre government.”

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