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Chief Minister Yeddyurappa wins confidence motion by a voice vote

B. S. Yeddyurappa, Karnataka new chief minister, karnataka political crisis, karnataka politics, bjp karnataka, karnataka crisis, Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on Monday proved his majority in the Assembly winning the confidence motion by a voice vote. The Congress and JD(S) did not press for division on the one-line motion moved by Yeddyurappa that the House expresses confidence in his three-day old Ministry. As the Opposition did not press for division, the Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar declared that the motion had been passed by a voice vote. Soon after trust vote, the Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar resigned.

There are only 208 members in the House as speaker K R Ramesh Kumar disqualified 14 rebel MLAs. All 105 BJP MLAs chose Yeddyurappa in a voice vote. The government needed only 105 votes in the House with reduced strength. The trust vote took place after speaker K R Ramesh Kumar disqualified the rebel MLAs on Sunday under the anti-defection law till the end of the assembly term in 2023.

Yeddyurappa, 76, was sworn in as Chief Minister of Karnataka on Friday, taking charge of the state for the fourth time in his political career. His last stint was after the May 2018 Assembly polls, when BJP emerged as the single largest party. The government lasted barely three days after being sworn in as it failed to prove majority.

The Congress with 78 MLAs and JD(S) with 37 MLAs then joined hands to form the government with H D Kumaraswamy as Chief Minister. The 14-month-old Congress-JD(S) coalition government collapsed on July 23 after losing the vote of confidence in the assembly in a climax to three-week intense power struggle.

Flashing the victory sign after the voting, Yeddyurappa described the outcome as a victory for democracy as people were fed up with the Kumaraswamy government. He assured the people of Karnataka that “an era of development” would start with BJP in power.

The Karnataka political crisis came to the fore when Congress MLAs resigned citing differences with Kumaraswamy. The turmoil reached the climax after dramatic twists and turns that saw the MLAs of rival camps being corralled in resorts and hotels, allegations of bribery, rebel lawmakers knocking the doors of the the Supreme Court asking it to decide on the issues of whip, floor test and governor’s intervention.


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